Solutions for 3D-objects

SLM offers solutions for 3D objects made from the finest metal powders. The selective laser melting process directly produces homogeneous metal objects from 3D CAD data by selectively melting fine layers of metal powder with a laser beam.


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Improving usability of machines and products

User Experience Design (UX Design) focuses on improving the physical as well as the visual interactions with the machine or product. Good UX Design can be crucial for a product’s success. This is especially true for markets in which UX Design has become common, such as consumer products and websites. In recent years we see that this is also becoming increasingly important for machines and B2B devices.

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Newsletter June 2023


‘Industrial design for successful products and machines’

WORKSHOP design on June 8 i.c.w. the STODT

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Successful Design for Industry

The German Design Award is one of the most renowned design awards worldwide and enjoys an excellent reputation far beyond circles of experts. We are proud to announce that the new GIETART ECO Blaster has been awarded for its excellent design quality.

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VYCAP wins Good Design award for Pump Unit and Cell Puncher Pro System

IDpartners took care of the branding, design, engineering, UX design, animations and packaging design during the development. Vycap and IDpartners are awarded with the GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021, the oldest and most prestigious wards program for design excellence and innovation.

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Industrial design for successful products and machines

Industrial Design – Product design is very important for the success of your products!

Successful products convince not only through technical top performance, but above all through emotions. The desire to own a product is valued higher than the technical superiority of a product.

That is why product design - industrial design is so important for the success of your product.

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Oerlikon Metco wins Red Dot Design Award 2018!

Surface One is the first thermal spray coating machine, designed to enhance the properties of surfaces for example to improve heat and corrosion resistance. IDpartners has designed the machine housing, the User Interface and created animations. The overall design has been rewarded with a Red Dot Design Award.

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Our new whitepapers are now available for download.

Our new whitepaper about 'Design for Industry' is now available for download:

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IDpartners YouTube Channel.

On our YouTube channel we show our working methods and we share some videos that have appeared on various media.

IDpartners YouTube channel >> 

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