Newsletter June 2023


‘Industrial design for successful products and machines’

WORKSHOP design on June 8 i.c.w. the STODT


Industrial design for successful products and machines

Successful products convince not only through technical excellence, but above all through emotions. The desire to own a product is valued higher than the technical superiority of a product. That is why product design - industrial design is so important for the success of your product. Click here for the link to the article on the website.


WORKSHOP 8th june in Enschede: ‘Do we really need design?’

A persistent misconception in the industry is that design doesn't matter when buying a machine. In this workshop we show the opposite and especially the opportunities to use design strategically. 

We would like to invite you to this introduction workshop with the following design topics:
-         Why design is indispensable;
-         Trends in the design of machines and equipment;
-         We make a start with your corporate identity;
-         Special offer for a tailored workshop for your company.

You can register via or call us: +31(0)53-4301701.
Can also be viewed on our website: Workshop design for engineers 
Get an insight with the following article:  Industrieel ontwerp voor succesvolle producten en machines’
SLM Solutions, additive manufacturing of metals products with selective laser melting.
Stork Food & Dairy blowmoulding machine
Workshop Design for engineers on 8th of June