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Product Development

For new and innovative products.

Product Development is all about choosing the right idea for investment, to create new or renewed products. To perform product development we use a systematic approach covering product strategy, conceptualisation, design, engineering, prototyping and production.

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Design for Industry

For better looking machines and products.

Design can make the difference between your product and your competition, as functional differences become smaller. Design contributes to the user experience of the product, it can communicate hygiene, safety, and relates to feelings like recognition and pride.

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UX Design for Industry

For improving usability for products and machines.

With UX-Design the machine use is analysed to improve physical and visual interactions. The usability is related to the product success. UX-Design can deliver a more efficient machine use.

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Value Engineering

For better products and machines.

The main reason for Value Engineering is to reduce costs and improve product performance. The goal is a product with value which fits customer needs seamlessly. Value engineering is used to find the optimal way to fulfil product functions.

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IDpartners op de TIV Hardenberg van 18 t/m 20 september 2018

IDpartners is dit jaar aanwezig op de TIV. Het vakevent is inmiddels uitgegroeid tot het centrum van de slimme maakindustrie in Noord- en Oost-Nederland. De hoofdreden van een bezoeker om naar TIV te komen is het feit dat ze een technisch vraagstuk hebben. Zo komen er bijvoorbeeld steeds meer engineers.

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Oerlikon Metco wins Red Dot Design Award 2018

Surface One is the first thermal spray coating machine, designed to enhance the properties of surfaces for example to improve heat and corrosion resistance. IDpartners has designed the machine housing, the User Interface and created animations. The overall design has been rewarded with a Red Dot Design Award.

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Our new whitepapers are available for download

Our new whitepaper about 'Design for Industry' is now available for download:

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IDpartners YouTube Channel

On our YouTube channel we show our working methods and we share some videos that have appeared on various media.

IDpartners YouTube channel >> 

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Hitec wins iF Design Award 2017

We proudly announce that Hitec Power Protection has won an iF Design Award, a globally acknowledged prize for design.

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As a Design and Engineering agency, we specialise in designing, developing and building machine housings. In our view a well-thought-out design represents a good technique and a convincing plan.

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