Why innovate?

Innovation creates market leaders

Innovation is the best way to strengthen your market position and through this increase your company’s turnover.

Research shows that 60-70% of products that are now successful, are not older than 3 years. With the modern market demanding an increasingly shorter time-to-market, manufacturers cannot afford to sit still. There will always be competition and achieving or maintaining the position of market leader will require change.


Innovation requires attention

Most companies struggle to reserve the time and resources to innovate. Often this is caused by the daily routine of operational activities, perceived lack of urgency or a shortage of knowledge, skills or capacity.

No time to innovate?

We can help you focus your innovation activities by bringing in additional capacity, knowledge, experience and specialists. We also:

  • Offer fresh thinking outside of the box, solving company blindness.
  • Cross-pollinate by bringing in experience from other fields.
  • Reduce innovation associated risks by working with proven innovation methods and tools.

Opportunities for innovation

Innovation topics to achieve a better market position can be diverse:

  • Shorter time-to-market;
  • Introduction on a new market;
  • Introducing new, improved technologies;
  • Cost-down and a better price-quality ratio
  • Technically sound products that are missing a convincing look and feel;
  • Increasing the ease of use or reducing human error