SDV with integrated CoBot

A 'Self Driving Vehicle' (SDV) module with an integrated CoBot system. This AGV contributes to logistical side of process automation. The OTTO analyses the environment with its sensors and makes real-time decisions such as modifying its route based on production parameters. IDpartners has developed the design of the robot module so that it matches the OTTO 1500 base vehicle.

Client: Romias B.V.

 The SDV: The evolution of the AGV

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) rely on guidance devices such as magnetic tape, beacons, barcodes or predefined laser paths that allow the AGV to travel on fixed paths in a controlled space. An SDV utilizes laser-based perception and navigation algorithms to dynamically move through facilities, infrastructure-free. Machine learning capabilities enable the vehicle to become more efficient and accurate as it encounters new situations.

Product Video