Automated Dispenser for Packaged Medicine

Z-tech has developed an automated dispenser for packaged medicine based on an industrial robot. Inside the system is a carousel consisting of two layers where the medication is sorted per patient. The centrally placed robot arm is used for sorting and issuing the medicine packages. The system can be filled by the pharmacy’s employees through two large access doors. The patient can request his medication via a large touchscreen.

Client: Z-tech

  • Industriedesign Medizinprodukte, Produktdesign Medizin, Productdesign Medical
  • Industriedesign Medizintechniek

For this project, IDpartners was responsible for the design and engineering of the covering. First a design was created in which the frame and the screen were integrated as much as possible, whilst also taking into account the operation and accessibility of the inside (UX design). After completing the design work, IDpartners carried out the engineering of the covering and supervised the creation of the first prototype.

Product video