Votex side flail mower

The power to perform

Votex professionals choose a powerful machine designed for maximum performance under any circumstances. Votex machines are designed to be operated safely and responsibly. It doesn't matter whether you are active in the maintenance of verges, ditches, gardens and parks or in agriculture or horticulture. 
Impression of the design proces of agricultural equipment
Based on the corporate identity study in a few workshops we made sketches to come up with an unique form, based on several moodboards.

Sketches to come up with an unique form

The design and styling of the machine focuses on the dynamic character of the machine and places special importance on robustness.

Concept sketches for a dynamic and robust image

More detailed sketches of the system

In close cooperation with Votex we worked out a style that represents the robust and professional image of Votex. Just a few workshops and our design tools helped to get in no time a clear vision.

Renderings for engineering and prototype use.

Engineering and prototyping
After refining the concept design, Votex made engineering drawings in order to build a prototype and IDpartners consulted on ideas. This prototype of the mower was checkt with all technical requirements and details.

Beta series testing in the field

View of side flail mower in working progress