Product Development

For new and innovative products

Product development is all about investing time and money in the most promising ideas. Our systematic approach ensures dependable quality and consists of the following phases:

  • Strategy | redesign or innovation, market analysis, competitors, user experience, project planning & budget, exploitation of intellectual property and list of requirements with product specifications.
  • Concept development | product breakdown structure, patent research, ideas/concepts for mechanical, electrical and software solutions, initial material and manufacturing method selection.
  • Design & styling | development of client-specific design ques, portfolio design, design is checked for: safety, usability, functionality, cost price targets and ease of manufacturing.
  • Engineering | 3D-CAD engineering, design of mechanical, structural and electrical components, calculations & simulations and manufacturing drawings.
  • Prototyping | rapid prototyping, rapid manufacturing, prototype assembly, testing and design optimisation.
  • Production | supplier selection, on-site support during production start-up, market introduction, project evaluation and documentation support.