Universal 5/6-axis machining centres

The Multimill 1000 and 1600 are large 5-axis milling machines developed specifically for mould and tool manufacturing. With an extremely solid and stable build, the machine can achieve high level of precision even at maximal speeds. Capable of cutting normally hard-to-cut materials and suitable for highly complex milling processes, the Multimill 1000 and 1600 offer a turn-key solution for those looking to achieve superior surface finishes and precision.

For the new generation of Multimill’s, IDpartners was asked to create a design that could convey the recent improvements and updates whilst subtly hinting to the machine’s past. Compared to the previous design, the new design offers a more dynamic and corporate look & feel. During the redesign, the ergonomics of the machine were also reviewed and a revised door design now ensures maximal accessibility.

Client: EDEL Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH (part of the GMT-Group)

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