VYCAP Pump Unit gewinnt Good Design award 2021!

IDpartners kümmerte sich bei der Entwicklung um Branding, Design, Engineering, UX-Design, Animationen und Verpackungsdesign. Vycap und IDpartners werden mit dem GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2021 ausgezeichnet, dem ältesten und renommiertesten Auszeichnungsprogramm für herausragendes Design und Innovation.

Let’s introduce one of our partners! Meet VYCAP – a company operating in the field of liquid biopsies. VYCAP, as part of a consortium collaborating within the Interreg program, developed the Cell Puncher Pro, a platform for selection and isolation of single cells (SC) for clonal expansion or SC analysis. Isolating single cells and puncturing them allows very specific analysis of the cell contents. For example of Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs), which can be isolated from blood. By examining cells via next-gen sequencing, the unique genetic profile of the cell is recorded. Knowledge of this profile allows offering specific, personal therapies (personalized medicine). The Cell Puncher Pro has reached TRL7 (Technology Readiness Level 7): system prototype demonstration in an operational environment. The first orders have already been placed and the system will be operational in the course of 2023.


Role of IDpartners

The consortium came to IDpartners with the request to design, develop and produce the housings for the pump unit and cell puncher PRO.

The Pump-unit is part of Vycap’s range of laboratory equipment to identify and isolate cancer cells. It is used in combination with a disposable microchip filter and is designed to specifically target and capture cancer cells. The microchip can then be moved to the next device for further analysis.

The main driving force behind the redesign is an all-new pump and electronics package. The variable pressure pump is now controlled by a single rotary/push button and has replaced the previously used manual adjustment valve.

This has made operation more intuitive whilst also improving controllability and repeatability of the filtration process.

The exterior design takes inspiration from modern medical devices and uses soft and hygienic styling to create a user friendly and accommodating appearance.

To ensure that the device would withstand intensive laboratorial use, the outer skin is made from metal and gives the pump unit a robust and solid feel.


How does single cell isolation work?

The chip is in fact a ‘sieve’ consisting of 6400 single pore microwells, each of which can contain a single cell. Each microwell has a volume of 2.5 nL. After the sample material has been transferred to the chip, one cell is trapped in each pore. The pore and cell are then punctured, exposing the inner cell material for inspection or reproduction.


Project status

For IDpartners, this is a great project in which we can utilize our experience with design and engineering of housing hybrid material integration and fabrication. Together with VYCAP we went through the corporate design process for this product, and have produces the first series of beta versions. The development of the Cell Puncher PRO is now on scope. We are looking forward to completing the remaining two stages together and start manufacturing the peoducts for the market. We also have the capabilities to offer back end processes such as product assembly and packaging.


High tech for a healthier world

We are proud that we can contribute to this invention, which is another great example of how innovative solutions benefit health and life sciences applications. This is how high tech products can help to make the world a little better!

Do you want to know more about VYCAP? Take a look at their website: https://www.vycap.com/

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