AmperaPark wants to make a visible contribution to making public spaces more sustainable. They achieve this by turning gray parking areas into a source of green and smart energy systems for electric cars. They combine comfort, a green experience and, most importantly, the production of sustainable energy in one ready-made solution: the AmperaPort, a carport with integrated solar panels. The port not only provides shade and protection, but also generates solar energy.

IDpartners has designed a solar carport for Amperapark, based on sustainable use of materials, contemporary design and a green appearance that fits the current street scene.

Client: AmperaPark

This carport can be placed at home but is primarily intended to be placed above several parking places at the same time. This can be in a residential area, or at a shopping center, but also at companies. In the latter case, employees can easily and comfortably load their car under an AmperaPort during working hours. In this way, electric driving is not only made easier but also encouraged.

"The innovative design of IDpartners and the effort of all parties involved have led to a beautiful sustainable result." - Richard Kokhuis

From gray parking space to green energy source!